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Lanna Michaels ([personal profile] lannamichaels) wrote in [community profile] occupyfandom2013-01-29 10:05 pm

The "Your Fandom Needs A Union" Challenge

Your fandom needs a union! Yes, yours!

This is an open-ended challenge to get more unions into your fandom. Are they members of a union? Are they starting a union? Are they already in Newsies? There should be fanworks about it!

For an example, as [personal profile] azurelunatic so eloquently put it:
Dummy has decided to unionize Tony's robots, Pepper supports this because it means she can impose sensible working hours on Tony, Clint and Natasha are all for it, Coulson's contract says he can't start a union but he sure as hell can throw a white mutiny, and Steve refuses to cross a picket line.

Go forth and fanwork! And then post to the comm! \o/

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